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Rental display market to a more robust

Date:2016-09-22 16:59:11

LED display manufacturers in order to expand their market share, promote the development of leasing industry, need to start from both the market and products. Follow the market trend, grasp the product direction, in order to allow the rental market to go more robust.

In recent years by the national policy of frugality, to the LED rental market is not a small impact, large-scale activities or reduce the cost of the budget, the market competition is heating up, leasing business big price war, so that income has shrunk dramatically, and even some companies operating problems . Tier cities to protect the price is relatively better, second and third tier cities as a smaller scale leasing business, the strength is weak, in order to undertake to more activities, to take the irrational price strategy. Market downturn, the lease in the new screen on the natural slowdown in the pace of procurement, holding wait and see attitude.

A few years ago LED rental screen or an emerging market, less competition, the leasing business to quickly recover the investment cost and generate considerable benefits, so the price is not particularly sensitive. But in recent years, LED rental screen market application has been very broad, from the stage of performing arts, wedding, exhibitions, conferences, rehearsals and other activities can see the LED rental screen, the market is hot, leasing business investment heat is also rapidly warming, Quickly entered a very competitive market, the same specifications LED rental prices dropped significantly from more than 1000 per square to three or four hundred per square. Leasing business competition, coupled with more large-scale LED manufacturers compete in this market, the current level of LED screen rental competition and conventional display is basically similar to the other there are also some small manufacturers to enter the market, because there is no brand and scale advantages, Only by reducing the material specifications to achieve the purpose of low-cost sales to grab sub-market, but because of the LED rental screen on the importance of quality requirements, I believe these manufacturers in this market will not go too far.

In addition to changes in the market, LED rental display manufacturers and rental companies also need to pay attention to the rental display product itself requirements.

Compared with conventional display, LED rental screen difference is that it requires frequent movement, repeated demolition and installation, so the higher the product requirements, simple to understand as "elegant appearance, installation of lightweight portable, stable and reliable quality" So the product shape design, structural design, material selection on both pay attention to.

The future of the LED rental screen products will be toward a smaller pitch, more light and convenient development. As Taiwan and the mainland chip technology matures, LED materials and display prices fell sharply, coupled with the growing demand for visual effects, LED rental screen specifications quickly turn to P5, P4, and P3.

Overall, LED rental screen market space is still very worth looking forward to, in fact, the policy is mainly for the past extravagance and waste, especially in public consumption, but LED rental screen is a "functional product", brings a new Of the visual feast, to show the creative activities and cultural connotations, I believe that after a period of time, everyone's understanding of the policy back to reason, LED rental market will return to the previous hot situation.

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