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LED display industry is facing rapid development or reshuffle

Date:2016-09-22 16:59:49

LED display industry, the rapid development or face reshuffle

Compared with the world, China's full-color LED display development history is short, but the growth rate is extremely fast.

2008 Olympic Games, the 60th anniversary celebration of the founding of the PRC and the 2010 World Expo and other grand occasions, LED full color display of the successful application of the full display of the product advantages and industry maturity.

In 2009, China's LED full-color display sales close to 6.565 billion yuan. Distribution from the industry point of view, the original full-color display market, the main convergence of customers in the high-end market, media advertising, traffic seduction, stage performances, sports venues, government projects show five areas.

LED full-color display as a result of low-power, energy saving, high brightness, said the comprehensive advantages of excellent results, is quickly replacing light boxes, neon with magnetic flap and other traditional outdoor media, and single, two-color LED display. The future of all kinds of large outdoor media, advertising, sports venues, public transport, large-scale theaters, exhibitions, concerts and other areas of the application of full-color display needs will continue to increase rapidly, the market has great potential. According to the China Optical Optoelectronics Industry Association estimates,

2010 to 2013, China LED full color display market, the average annual promotion rate will be firmly in about 30% by 2013, China LED full color display market is expected to reach 18.793 billion yuan, accounting for China LED display market size of about 78%.

LED display products in the future all the growth trend is: high brightness, full color; scale, standardization; product mix diversification. High brightness, full color: With the LED cost and price declining year by year, high brightness, full-color LED display screen will be an important growth trend and increase the LED display. Standardization and standardization: the development of the industry in recent years, market cooperation in the traditional product conditions and thus the price as the main means of cooperation, the traditional price of the product after several repeated mediation, and now has basically reached equilibrium, product quality and system robust And so will become a competitive factor to ease, which LED display on the standardization and standardization have a higher demand. In the future, conventional LED display products, standardization of floating devices and operating sporadic and so will be more widely used, skills are not strong, after-sales service system imperfect enterprise market risk, estimated the current number of years a small group of LED display Screen manufacturers will gradually fade out of the market

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