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About us

The Specific performance of Brilliant Opto Culture:

Honesty: Honesty is above all virtues and trustworthiness of all businesses, Integrity is the core of Brilliant Opto Culture .

Thanksgiving: Drop the boon of the water, be to flow out spring to report mutually, Thanksgiving and requite is the principle of Brilliant Opto people.

Respect: Build mutual respect Brilliant Opto culture, make the people who are feeling great and noble, feel the meaning of life in working.

cooperation: two of benevolence, three for the public, the word structure is mutual support, Get win-win in cooperation.

Share: Only the Sharing thoughts have power, no sharing, no team growth.

Innovation: innovation is the new integration for old resource, innovation is the soul of Brilliant Opto business development, Advancing with the times is the best embodiment of innovation.

The characteristics of Brilliant Opto Culture:

  1. High Goal: To be leader in Global led display industry
  2. Strong Innovation ability of Corporate culture
  3. Strong Core competitiveness of enterprises
  4. Learning type & Respect type &Competitive type Corporation